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Adult Training Times
Wednesday - Aug 5th
Thursday - Aug 6th
Saturday - Aug 8th
Monday - Aug 10th
Tuesday - Aug 11th

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Child & Teen Training Times

COVID-19 Procedures

Guidelines for Parents and Students

Attendance: All Classes must be pre-booked and contact details provided. Class sizes have been reduced and space is very limited. Please notify us immediately if you are unable to attend your class

Health: If you are feeling unwell and have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, notify us of your illness and do not attend your class.

Drop-off: Students should arrive in their uniforms at the exact time for the class. If possible, please use the toilet at home before arriving for class.

Collection: Please wait in your car or outside the academy until the class is finished, children are to be collected at the club entrance only.

Social Distancing: Please respect the 2-Meter social distance rules and please note that the changing rooms are closed until further notice.

Temperature Check: On arrival students will have their temperature checked by an Infrared Temperature Gun.

Hygiene: On arrival all students are required to wash their hands immediately with soap and warm water.

Hand-Sanitizers: There will be a number of hand-sanitizers available in all areas of the academy, please use them regularly.

Respiratory Etiquette: Adults & Teenagers are required to wear Face Masks. *Face Masks are not recommended to be worn by children under 13 years, but Masks can be worn by children if they so wish.

Masks: We have a supply of customized Celbridge Karate masks on sale.

Hydration: Each student should bring their own water-bottle clearly labelled with their name.

Class Format: The focus of our classes will be on fitness, practice drills, conditioning and Kenpo Karate skills.