Red Hot Kenpo in Malaga
Aisling Downey reports

The Spanish city of Malaga is a hotbed of Kenpo activity. Fifth degree black belt Eduardo de la Torre is the head instructor of the local Kenpo School. He recently hosted a visit by Master John Sepulveda 9th degree black belt and the International director of the European Kenpo Karate Association. The visit was co-ordinated by European Kenpo director Professor Edward Downey 6th degree black belt.

The first event of the weekend events was a black belt test at which nine students tested for belt ranks ranging from first degree black belt to fourth degree black belt. The standard performance at the test was extremely high and in particular the self-defence techniques displayed by the Spanish students had great energy and dynamics in their movements.

The following students successfully passed the E.K.K.A. test requirements:

Eduardo de la Torre Benito 1st Degree Black Belt
Miguel Salas García 1st Degree Black Belt
Pedro Cruz Medina 1st Degree Black Belt
Francisco reno García 1st Degree Black Belt
Jose Cabrera Benitez 2nd Degree Black Belt
Antonio Conejo Fernandez 2nd Degree Black Belt
Jose Maria Navarrete Gonzalez 4th Degree Black Belt
José Ramón Villar Ráez 4th Degree Black Belt
Juan Cruz Checa 4th Degree Black Belt

The following two days consisted of an intensive series of seminars which were given by Master Sepulveda and Professor Downey. Master Sepulveda seminar’s worked on the master key techniques of the Kenpo system showing how students could utilise key movements to maximize their defensive and offensive potential.

Professor Downey received a warm and enthusiastic welcome at his seminar which focused on Kenpo’s quadrant zone theory and creating angles of deviation and cancellation. The hospitality and friendliness of the Spanish was outstanding, they trained hard and really enjoy their Kenpo. Eduardo de la Torre is a major influence on the quality and development of Kenpo in Spain and he is a remarkable teacher of outstanding ability. Eduardo de la Torre will be teaching at the European Kenpo Camp being held on the 5th, 6th & 7th May 2006 in Portumna, County Galway. Kenpo students and instructors should make every effort to attend these seminars as Eduardo de la Torre is one of Europe’s finest Kenpo instructors.