Feedback from the European Kenpo Camp 2008
World Championship Success for Celbridge in Jersey
Damien Kearney reports
Elvis and The Martial Arts
By Shane Paterson - 10th April 1995
My Friend, Ed. Parker - Those Close to Him Remember the "Father of American Karate"
Compiled by William K. Beaver (Reprinted from Black Belt magazine, April 1991)
Kenpo Karate - Its Forms Are Simply Beautiful, Beautifully Simple... And Very Effective
by Steve Takatsuno - 1985
Kicking at a Glance
by David Alcon
Celbridge Student Strikes Gold in Canada
The Alphabet of Kenpo
Red Hot Kenpo in Malaga
By Aisling Downey
The European Kenpo Camp Report 2005
By Patricia Downey
Kenpo Grows in Portugal
By Aisling Downey
9th Degree Kenpo Master Visits Celbridge
By Aisling Downey
American Kenpo Belt Levels, The Themes
By John Sepulveda
Ed. Parker
By William E. Slove
Karate inspires a Fighting Knife
By Barry Steinberg
American Kenpo Karate Forms
By Professor Gary Ellis
Lengthen Your Line
By Joe Hyams
Gil Hibben and his 'Parker Knife'
By Ed.Downey
The 'Parker Patch' lives on
By Ed.Downey
The first Irish Martial Arts Exhibition
By Martina Downey