The mission of our association is to promote Senior Grand Master Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate System throughout the continent of Europe. It is our objective to provide European Kenpo students and instructors with the shared experience of Ed Parker’s European Black Belt graduates and to give Europeans the opportunity to study and train with the Senior Masters of the Kenpo System.

Our association will set a standard for European Kenpo students and will seek to educate its members in the practice, application, principles and concepts of Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate System. It is the policy of our Association to provide leadership, guidance and education for our members. We will help our instructors to develop their Kenpo knowledge to the standards demanded by Grand Master Ed Parker. We offer European Kenpo instructors the opportunity to advance in rank and test with our International Board of Examiners.

Our association is proud to have Associate Master of the Arts Professor John Sepulveda as its International director and we represent the A.K.T.S. association on the continent of Europe.

"Those who learn, earn, and those who earn qualify to be tested."
(From the Zen of Kenpo By Grand Master Ed Parker (1931-1990).

Membership of our Association is open to all European Kenpo students. Membership involves representing our association in your area, province or country and giving your commitment to promoting the Ed Parker Kenpo Karate system. This involves learning and teaching the Kenpo syllabus in your school and having regular instruction with a suitably qualified Kenpo instructor or instructors.

"It is not the aim of Kenpo to merely produce a skillful as well as powerful practitioner, but to create a well integrated student respectful of all."
(From the Zen of Kenpo By Grand Master Ed Parker (1931-1990).

All membership applications are subject to a strict system of verification; references and testimonials may be requested to support your membership application. We welcome the strengths and qualities that each new student, instructor and club brings to our Association. We value all past experience and greatly respect pervious martial arts achievements gained by our members.

"While the ignorant refuse to study, and the intelligent never stop, we should always be mindful that our reward in life is proportionate to our contributions."
(From the Zen of Kenpo By Grand Master Ed Parker (1931-1990).

Our qualified instructors and seniors members maintain their individual preferences and teaching methods while participating in a commonly held desire to promote the Ed Parker Kenpo system in Europe.

Respectfully Yours,

Professor Edward Downey,

8th Degree Black Belt.

Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate

European Director.