Parting Wings

  1. NAME: "Wings" are a symbolic reference to elbows. In this technique it is your anchored elbows (wings) that aid you in parting your opponent's oncoming arms.

  2. THEME: In this technique the environment and/or insufficient time dictate that you cannot move to the outside of your opponent's arms. With your choice of action limited you must learn to act quickly on the inside of both of his arms. Your timing and Angle of Execution of your first move are of utmost importance. If your hands travel from Point of Origin, you will have sufficient time to find the correct Line of Entry under and through your opponent's hands. The wedge formed by your hands and arms should part as far as your Outer Rim, thus insuring that your opponent's hands will pass outside of your shoulders. You have not stopped your opponent's forward momentum, but you can Borrow that Force if you quickly Round the Corner with your right hand. Since you can anticipate impact upon contact, you should Brace the Angle of your strike with a solid forward bow.

  3. THE ATTACK: In the IDEAL PHASE of this technique your opponent is to the front. He steps forward with his left foot, as he pushes with both hands toward your chest. Additional WHAT IF factors to consider are:
    1. Your opponent's right leg is forward.
    2. Your opponent pushes low.
    3. Your opponent has full body momentum behind his push.
    4. Your back is to a wall.

  4. Be sure to Round the Corner on your first strike (right handsword to left rib cage). In short, have your first move flow into your second move.

  5. FIT your right handsword under your opponent's left lower rib cage. Be conscious of your Angle of Incidence.

  6. Study the many other forms of contact and non contact Contouring that occur in this technique.

  7. Vary the timing of your movements when executing this sequence.

  8. Note how the positioning and repositioning of your stances, body, and hands increase the effective use of torque.

  9. Whenever you work on the inside of your opponent's weapons, the possibilities of compounding a technique sequence increase. See how you might compound this sequence.