Front - Right Knife Thrust While Your Arms Are Up
  1. While standing in a left neutral bow, with both of your hands raised slightly above your shoulders, your opponent initiates his attack with a right step through knife thrust toward your abdomen. Immediately slide your right foot toward 7:30 while simultaneously executing a right hooking downward outward parry to the outside of your opponent's right wrist. As your right parry directs the knife wielding hand toward 5 o'clock execute a left heel palm parry to the outside of your opponent's right elbow before sliding your left hand to the top of your opponent's right wrist to grab it.
  2. While maintaining the grab with your left hand, and without disrupting your flow of action, slide your right foot clockwise (rotating your body 180 degrees) toward 1 o'clock. As you complete this manoeuvre (ending in a left neutral bow) make every effort to buckle your opponent's right leg with your right leg while simultaneously executing a right back elbow strike to your opponent's right or left rib cage, depending upon how you line up with your opponent. Your position is back to back with your opponent while still maintaining your left hand grab on your opponent's right wrist.
  3. Immediately slide your right foot (counter-clockwise) to 7:30 (into a right neutral bow). During this action have your right hand now take the place of your left hand as it grabs your opponent's right wrist. Without delay have your left hand form the shape of a crane and have it hook onto the left side of your opponent's neck and throat. Without any hesitation (as if it was a single move) pivot counter-clockwise (facing 1:30) as your left forearm fulcrums on top of your opponent's right shoulder (using the back also) and forces your opponent's neck, throat, and head back. During the course of leveraging your opponent's head back, drop down into a left wide kneel stance while pulling your opponent down with both of your hands. Guide and force your opponent's right elbow onto your left knee with all intentions of causing an arm break. His right arm should be crossing in front of your body, while you are pulling his right arm toward 7:30.
  4. Have your left hand again grab your opponent's right wrist as it assists your right hand in twisting opponent's wrist counter-clockwise while moving your left foot back toward 9 o'clock. Immediately rotate counter-clockwise into another left wide kneel stance, facing 9 o'clock, while simultaneously having both of your hands twist and force your opponent's knife (if opponent is still holding on to the knife) into his own throat. If opponent releases the knife on the arm break maintain the hold on your opponent's right wrist with your left hand as your right hand grabs the knife and plunges it into your opponent's throat.
  5. Switch (back to front) as you now execute a right front thrusting knife-edge kick to your opponent's right shoulder blade. Both hands are controlling your opponent's right hand, while the knife is in your opponent's throat.
  6. While still in a right neutral bow, facing 10:30, grab your opponent's right wrist with your right hand. As you release your left hand grab, shift your left hand so that it grabs the back of your opponent's right hand (reverse it clockwise with your left palm facing away from you). Have your left hand twist your opponent's right hand clockwise and up to possibly sprain or break his wrist. Simultaneously wrap your opponent's left arm around your right leg. Continue to have your left hand rotate clockwise and up while simultaneously pushing down on your opponent's outer right elbow with your right heel palm to cause your opponent's right shoulder to dislocate.
  7. Have your right hand reach and grab the knife, pulling it out of your opponent's throat (cutting on the way out).
  8. In the same flow of action as above, execute a right front crossover toward 6 o'clock as you have the knife (in your right hand) cut your opponent's right triceps and biceps.
  9. Continue your crossover action and double cover out in the direction of 6 o'clock.


  1. NAME: Lance is a symbolic reference to a knife. Since the highlight of this technique is the piercing of your opponent's throat with his own knife, the name Piercing Lance pictorially depicts the technique.
  2. THEME: In this technique your hands are raised to comply with your assailant's wishes. Since compliance invariably places your opponent at ease, it gives you a psychological edge. The raised hands also creates an Angle of Desired Positioning. It is much more desirous to have your hands initially above, rather than below, your opponent's weapon. In addition this technique introduces you to taking your opponent's knife out of his body and utilising against him all within the natural sequential flow of your action.
  3. THE ATTACK: In the IDEAL PHASE of this technique your opponent is to the front in a left fighting stance. He then steps forward with his right foot and executes a right knife thrust toward your abdomen. Additional WHAT IF factors are:
    1. Your opponent does not step through.
    2. Your opponent slashes rather than thrusts.
    3. There is a wall to your left.
    4. You have a weapon in one of your hands.
  4. Remember what the priorities are when defending yourself against a knife: divert, seize, control, and disarm.
  5. This technique is an introduction to uninterrupted action that can be used to have your opponent's knife be used against himself.
  6. When practising knife techniques:
    1. Be sure you are relaxed and exceptionally familiar with your technique sequence.
    2. Keep the attacking knife sheathed and secured.
    3. Use a rubber knife if you wish to work on contouring.
    4. Your partner should not react on his own. All reactions must be controlled by you.
  7. When dropping your opponent to the ground be sure to give yourself the greatest Margin for Error to break his elbow across your left knee. This may be achieved by deepening your wide kneel stance, and utilising the proper Angle of Efficiency.