Right Step Through Punch

NAME: This technique gets its name from the hammering action of your fists. Like continuous shock waves of thunder your fists hammer throughout your opponent's body.

THEME: Like the technique Dance of Death this technique was designed to teach you the value of initiating your movements from their POINTS OF ORIGIN.

The two techniques are FAMILY RELATED. Each one teaches you how to attack a different HEIGHT ZONE. This technique introduces you to the multiple use of strikes, simultaneous with buckles to sophisticate your sequence. Tremendous power is generated when these strikes and buckles are harmoniously synchronized with the principle of MARRIAGE OF GRAVITY.

THE ATTACK: In the IDEAL PHASE of this technique your opponent is to the front in a left fighting stance. He then steps forward with his right foot as he delivers a right linear punch toward your face.

Some of the WHAT IF factors that can occur are:

  1. Your opponent does not step through.
  2. Your opponent punches high, medium, or low.
  3. Your opponent punches with full body momentum.
  4. Your opponent precedes his punch with a right kick.
  1. Study the Angle of Execution of your forearm strike.
    Learn to CONTOUR your strike so that it FITS under your opponent's rib cage.
  2. "Force an opponent's head below his waist, and you will automatically keep his legs in place."
  3. Be sure not to over rotate your body counterclockwise on your second move.
  4. Practice this technique without the use of your hands. Learn how to disrupt your opponent's foundation with your knees.
  5. Build spontaneity by having your partner deliver a right punch to your face. Respond with a left inward block. Have your opponent randomly check with his left hand. This will teach you to choose the best available target with the best available weapon, as you follow up with the sequences from either Dance of Death or Thundering Hammers. This will internalize the concept of how to attack various Height Zones, across and on the inside, of your opponent's body.
  6. Like a vampire who is destroyed by hammering a stake through the heart, hammer your fists through your opponent's body.

Front Right Step Through Punch

  1. Standing naturally, step toward 11 o'clock with your left foot into a left neutral bow (facing 12 o'clock), as you execute a left inward block at or above the outside of your opponent's right elbow. Your right arm hangs naturally at your side, as your left leg positionally checks your opponent's right leg. (Your inward block should nullify the width of your opponent's body.)
  2. Shuffle forward (push-drag) toward 12 o'clock as you drop into a left wide kneel stance, and buckle the outside of your opponent's right knee with your own right knee. Simultaneously strike across your opponent's stomach with a right inward horizontal forearm, as your left fist cocks near your left ear (palm facing away from you). (Your forearm strike should force your opponent to bend forward at the waist.)
  3. Pivot clockwise, and drop lower into a right close kneel stance (facing 4:30), while buckling the back of your opponent's right knee with your left knee. Simultaneously strike to your opponent's left kidney with a left downward hammerfist as your right fist cocks near your right ear (palm facing away from you). (Your hammerfist strike combined with your buckle should drive your opponent's body down as it snaps his head up.)
  4. As you pivot counterclockwise into a left wide kneel stance (facing 12 o'clock), buckle your opponent's right knee with your right knee, and have your left hand shift from his kidney into a left horizontal forearm check (GRAVITATIONAL CHECK) on top of your opponent's right shoulder. Simultaneously deliver a right downward hammerfist strike to the back of your opponent's neck. (Your hammerfist strike combined with your knee buckle should drive your opponent into the ground.)
  5. Shift your left foot back and slightly to your left (toward 7:30) into a right neutral bow, execute a right front crossover, and cover out toward 7:30.