This videoshows a Karate match between Belgium and the USA in 1974, this event was organized and promoted by leading Irish Kenpoist Professor John Conway who was the IKKA European Kenpo Director in 1974, having been appointed to that position by Grand Master Ed Parker.

In the video you can see Mr. Parker and Mr. Conway giving advice to the USA team. Mr. Conway organized visits to Ireland, England and Belgium for the United States Karate team that was funded by Elvis Presley. The team consists of: Benny Urquidez, Tom Kelly, Darnell Garcia, John Natividad, and Ron Marchini.

The U.S.A. team wins all of its International matches and increased awareness in Europe of the quality of U.S. Martial Arts'. Ed Parker is the U.S.A. team coach and his European hosts acknowledge his pioneering efforts in World Martial Arts. When in Ireland Mr. Parker teaches a number of seminars for the Irish students and instructors. He also attends a dinner dance in his honour in Dublin's Burlington Hotel; Mr. Tom Kelly leads the United States team and the team perform a Kenpo demonstration for the Irish audience.

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