Celbridge Student Strikes Gold in Canada

Tomas Hayden a sixth year student in the Silesian College in Celbridge took time out from studying for his leaving certificate to travel with the Irish team to the World Karate & Kickboxing Championships in Canada. The event was held in Niagara Falls and competitors attended from thirty-two countries. Tomas is an outstanding fighter and qualified for the Irish Team by winning a number of National tournaments.

Thomas is a 1st degree black belt with Celbridge Kenpo Karate Academy and has been a student of Kenpo for the past fourteen years. Celbridge chief instructor Professor Edward Downey 6th degree black belt has worked with Tomas since he was six years old and was not surprised to see him take the Gold Medal in Canada. Tomas has been building up to this event for many years and has been rated in the top ten nationally for the past number of years. He has won European Gold Medals in the Kenpo system and numerous titles in Karate and Kickboxing tournaments. Tomas won a total of eight fights in Canada and out classed his opponents with a combination of skill and experience gained from his many long years of dedicated training.

Tomas teaches a weekly sparring class in Celbridge Kenpo Karate Academy and he is very popular with his young students. He is remarkable young man and is highly regarded by his fellow Kenpo students who are extremely proud of his achievement. Tomas’s father, Tom Hayden has been a constant supporter to his son and travelled with him to Canada, he was delighted to witness his son gaining the Gold Medal for Ireland.