Kenpo Grows in Portugal

Aisling Downey reports

Kenpo Grows in PortugalCelbridge based Kenpo instructor Professor Edward Downey recently visited Portugal to give a week’s intensive training for the Portuguese E.K.K.A. member clubs. The seminars were very well attended and Professor Downey was assisted in the seminars by John Burgess 5th Degree black belt and Declan Lee 2nd┬ádegree brown belt. The Ed Parker Kenpo system continues to grow and advance in Portugal and Professor Downey now has four Portuguese Kenpo schools studying directly with him.

The head instructor of the European Kenpo Karate Association in Portugal is Miguel Dias who is a committed and dedicated Kenpo instructor. Mr. Dias has achieved great success for his school in mixed martial arts events and his students have taken many awards in the World Vale Tudo Championships. They have also competed in Pancrace submission Tournaments, winning four International gold medals. A particular aspect of the visit was the outstanding hospitality shown by the Portuguese hosts to their Irish guests. On his final evening in Portugal, Professor Downey conducted a belt exam and grading for the Portuguese students. The students were tested on their techniques, forms, sets and sparring and successfully achieved their new grades with distinction.