Develop an ATTITUDE that's wholesome.
Have the ABILITY to see your goals to an end.
Be ALERT when learning and in action.
Be ACTIVE in all studio activities. 
Be ACCURATE when delivering a block or strike. 
Be quick to ACTION
ASSIST the lower belts.
Be AMBITIOUS, but intelligent as well.
Practice your BASICS consistently and diligently.
Develop BALANCE in all of your movements. 
Develop a firm BACKGROUND.
Be BROADMINDED when speaking to others. 
Be BENEVOLENT toward others. 
Be BRAVE under adverse conditions. 
Create a firm feeling of BROTHERHOOD.
Be BOLD when defending your honor.
COURTESY avoids trouble and opens many doors.
CONFIDENCE in yourself compels the same in others.
Be CREATIVE in your thinking.
CONTROL your anger and your moves.
Have COURAGE when the odds are against you.
Have the DESIRE to fulfill and meet your obligations.
Have DETERMINATION when seeking higher goals.
Have DILIGENCE in all that you do.
DEVELOP with time in all phases of the art.
Create DIGNITY through honest accomplishment.
Stands for ETHICAL, a feature necessary in all phases of our lives.
EXCELLENCE, a state necessary for the perfection of our movements.
ECONOMY, a necessary ingredient in the execution of our movements.
EXPRESSION is needed in bringing out the best in us.
Be FRIENDLY toward others.
Formulate a strong and basic FOUNDATION.
Be FLUID in your movements.
Maintain FLEXIBILITY at all times.
Have FAITH in your instructors and leaders.
Be FEARLESS in a crisis.
Be FEROCIOUS if your life is at stake.
Be quick to FORGIVE.
Be a GENTLEMAN at all times.
Be GENTLE with your fellow students.
Be GRACEFUL in your movements.
Be GENEROUS toward others.
Be GRATEFUL for what others do for you.
Be the GUARDIAN of your family.
Be GALLANT among your fellow men.
Form good learning HABITS.
Keep in good HEALTH.
Be HONEST with yourself and others.
Develop HARMONIOUS movements.
HONOR your country and flag.
Be ever so HUMBLE.
Let HUMILITY become a permanent part or your personality.
Maintain INTEREST in the Art.
INTRODUCE our system to others.
IMPROVE with time.
Be INDUSTRIOUS when learning.
INFLUENCE others in doing good.
IMPROVISE when needed.
Display INTELLIGENCE before others.
Have INTEGRITY in all that you do.
Cultivate INGENUITY.
JUMP at every opportunity to learn, but use discretion.
Be JUST in dealing with your fellow men.
Use good JUDGMENT when dealing with the enemy.
JUSTIFY your every action.
KENPO, the art we practice.
KINDNESS goes a long way.
KNOWLEDGE is a treasure.
Develop KEEN eyesight.
KILL only in time of war or when involved in a life and death predicament.
LEARN whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Maintain LOYALTY to our system and our Association.
Be a LIKEABLE person.
Make the Art a LIFELONG study.
Develop LOVE for your fellow beings.
Be a LEADER among men.
Develop LENIENCY toward the underdog.
Treasure your MEMBERSHIP in our Organization.
MASTER your moves.
MULTIPLY your knowledge.
Cultivate the MIND.
Increase your MENTAL capacity.
MAGNIFY your proficiency.
MYSTIFY your opponent.
Be NICE at home and in public.
Be NOTEWORTHY among men.
NUMBER among the greats.
Be OBSERVANT at all times.
OBEY your superiors.
Have an OPEN MIND when conversing with others.
Take advantage of every OPPORTUNITY that arises.
ORGANIZE your knowledge in logical sequence.
Do not OVERESTIMATE your ability.
Keep an erect POSTURE.
Develop a keen PHILOSOPHY of the Art.
PRACTICE is the key to perfection.
Learn to obtain maximum POWER.
Have PATIENCE at all times.
Develop a POSITIVE attitude.
PLEDGE yourself to do right.
PROTECT your love-ones.
Learn and teach that which is PRACTICAL.
Be POTENT in combat.
Never PANIC in a crisis.
Be QUIET and attentive in class.
Endeavor for QUALITY.
Have an undying QUEST for knowledge.
Be QUICK in combat.
REPETITION cannot be overemphasized.
Sharpen your REFLEXES.
RELAXATION is the key to speed.
REACH for higher goals.
Let REALISM be your chief objective.
Be RECEPTIVE to knowledge.
READ other books and theories and analyze them thoroughly.
RECOGNIZE the good and throw out the bad.
Uphold a sound REPUTATION.
Have RESPECT for others.
RESPOND courteously to your seniors.
Fear no one but RESPECT all.
Be gentle among friends but ROUGH when in combat.
REACT quickly in a crisis.
RISK is advisable when all avenues of caution have failed.
Practice SAFETY at all times.
SANCTION the practical and the realistic.
Our system is a SCIENCE.
Feel SECURE through study and practice.
Keep a SERENE mind. SHUN fights.
SELFDEFENSE is common sense.
SIDE with no one until you hear both stories.
Become SMOOTH in your movements.
Put some SNAP in your action.
Be SOLID in your foundation.
Strive for SPEED - power will follow.
Learn to STABILIZE your moves.
STUDY all concepts and principles of the Art.
Think SUCCESS in all that you do.
SUPPORT your studio and system.
Constantly develop your TALENTS.
Less TALK more action.
Be THANKFUL for what you have.
Be THOUGHTFUL to others.
Be THOROUGH in your quest for knowledge.
Be TECHNICAL as you become experienced.
TEACH and learn.
Never TELEGRAPH your moves.
Let TIME be your measurement to skill and experience.
TRANSITIONS are the conjunctions that bridge techniques.
TREASURE what you are learning.
Be UNDAUNTED in combat.
Do not UNDERESTIMATE your opponent.
UNDERSTAND that which is taught.
Create UNITY among the Association members.
The UNIVERSAL pattern contains many truths.
UNLOCK truths through study.
UPHOLD the standards of the Association.
Our system has great VALUE.
VARIATION leads to creativity.
VIBRATE with enthusiasm.
Be VICTORIOUS in all of your endeavors.
Be VIGOROUS when practicing.
Abhor VIOLENCE and protect the innocent.
VOLUNTEER to aid your superiors as well as understudies.
WAGE peace not violence.
WALK tall among men.
WANT of need, not of greed.
Be WARM toward others.
WEIGH the situation before plunging into action.
Develop a WHOLESOME attitude.
WILLPOWER is the hammer that drives action.
Maintain WISDOM in all of your activities.