2003 Irish Kenpo Camp Report

The International Kenpo Karate Academy recently held a Kenpo camp in The Tain Holiday Village in County Louth, Ireland. The camp featured twelve Top Kenpo instructors from Europe and the United States and attracted over 120 Kenpo students from Belgium, Denmark, England, U.S.A. and Ireland. 

Richard Huk Planas 10th degree black belt was a special guest instructor at the camp and his encyclopaedic knowledge of the Kenpo system was very impressive. For the past twelve years Professor John Sepulveda 8th degree black belt has been visiting Ireland to teach the Ed Parker Kenpo system.  Professor Sepulveda classes at the camp were very popular, his friendly manner and dynamic technique being a key feature of his lessons. 

Kenpo camp director Professor Edward Downey 6th Degree also provided instruction at the camp and shared his comprehensive knowledge of Kenpo with enthusiastic students. Professor Downey is renowned for his dynamic application of Kenpo techniques and clear teaching style.  Senior instructor Anthony Taylor’s classes at the camp were based on practical responses to unprovoked attacks and Mr. Taylor used his skills as an international fighter to define his presentation, along with a number of realistic training drills.

John and Richard Burgess focused their classes on fast hand applications followed by seize and control techniques which were applied with lightening speed, a trademark of the Burgess brothers.  Camp instructor Julian McDermott displayed his excellent command of physical and mental skills during his classes and produced some very good Kenpo techniques to illustrate the concepts and theories of the Kenpo system.

USA based Angelo Colado the World Kenpo Forms Champion was a popular instructor at the camp and those who participated in his classes appreciated his pleasant teaching style.  European Kenpo Champions Anthony O’Connor and Mark McDermott conducted an intensive fighting class at the camp focusing on the skills and tactics that have enabled the Castleknock fighting team to achieve multiple European titles in kenpo competition.  Guest instructor at the camp was English based Wado-Ryu instructor Mr. Bob Becker gave camp participants an alternative view with his technique applications.  Mr. Becker was a member of England’s first Kenpo Karate club, which was established in Swindon in 1967.  The Kenpo Camp was great success and Professor Downey now plans to make it an annual event giving European kenpo students open access to renowned and knowledgeable Kenpo Masters. 

In conjunction with the camp an International Black Belt examining board awarded Danish Kenpo instructor Mr. Claus Pedersen his 4th Degree black belt. The examining board was headed by Grandmaster Richard “Huk” Planas 10th degree Black Belt, Professor John Sepulveda 8th degree Black Belt and Professor Edward Downey 6th degree Black Belt. Mr. Pedersen is the chief instructor of Kenpo in Denmark and a director with the European Kenpo Karate Association.  Mr. Pedersen knowledge the Kenpo system is excellence and he is the person responsible for establishing the Ed Parker Kenpo system in Denmark.  European Kenpo Director Professor Edward Downey recommended Mr. Pedersen for his new rank. Professor Downey who was very pleased with Mr. Pedersen's achievement, which was gained after many years of study and commitment to the Kenpo system.  Mr. Pedersen and his students are highly regarded in the Worldwide Kenpo community.