2006 European Kenpo Camp Report

The 2006 European Kenpo Camp Hosted by
The European Kenpo Karate Association - EKKA
& The American Kenpo Training System - AKTS

The 2006 European Kenpo Camp was a great success. The event was organised by Edward and Martina Downey and they were assisted by the students of Celbridge Kenpo Karate Academy.

The camp venue was the Shannon Oaks Hotel in Portumna, Co. Galway, Ireland. 

The camp attracted 200 participants who travelled from Spain, Belgium, Portugal, France, Denmark, Jersey, Greece, England and the United States. 

 The camp Instructors were:

Sigung Steven Le Bounty -             9th Degree Black Belt

Master John Sepulveda  -               9th Degree Black Belt

Professor Edward Downey  -          7th Degree Black Belt

Professor Eduardo De La Torre  -   5th degree Black Belt

Mr. Claus Pederson   -                   4th Degree Black Belt

 The Kenpo camp’s atmosphere and camaraderie between participants was wonderful. The participants trained hard during the three day camp and gained an in-depth knowledge of the Kenpo system from some of the World’s most renowned Kenpo Masters.  

There was great social interaction between participation countries and many friendships were renewed and new friendships were established during the camp. 

 The European Kenpo camp is a fantastic event not to be missed by Kenpo students.