Bob White Invitational Youth Karate Tournament

I just arrived home to Ireland after attending  The Bob White Invitational Youth Karate  Tournament in Costa Mesa. I must say that it was an  amazing experience to be part of this very well organized event.  There were eight of us from Ireland at the tournament and the hospitality  we received from Bob White and his students was absolutely outstanding.

Bob White and his team have done a great service to the Kenpo community.  I salute and congratulate all the volunteers, competitors, Instructors, donors  and friends who raised $75,000 to support the Royal Family Kids Camps.  I made a donation to the RFKC on behalf of the Irish Kenpo Clubs,  Mr. White and the organizers were very appreciative of the contribution.

2nd Place Winners - Patricia Downey & Sam Molloy.

Bob White's Advanced Class in Costa Mesa.

Kenpo Seniors in Bob White's Home

Mr. White has created a unique event that has given a much needed  unity of purpose to the Kenpo community. I was very pleased to see  so many of the Kenpo seniors give their time, commitment and donations in support this worthy cause.

Bob White is a person of the highest calibre who leads by example,  the Kenpo community are blessed to have a leader of his stature and conviction.

Respectfully yours,

Eddie Downey. 
President - European Kenpo Karate Association. 
Member of the AKTS.