Camp Report 2011

I would like extend my sincere thanks to everyone who supported the 2011 European Kenpo Camp. The camp attracted over 300 participants who travelled from United States, Austria, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, and Denmark and from all parts of Ireland.

It was truly an amazing weekend, the seminars were all top class and the Mount Wolseley Hotel proved to be an excellent venue. The atmosphere at the camp was electric and there was a very positive social environment throughout the weekend.

I would especially like to thank the this year’s European Kenpo Camp teachers; Sigung Stephen LaBounty, John Sepulveda, Bob White, John Burgess, Richard Burgess, Eduardo De La Torre, Barbara White, Darren Mahony, Marcelo Carvalho, Maxime Boucherb, Antonia Mahony and Mícheál Watters.

We had a great team of instructors, parents and students from my Kenpo Academy in Celbridge put in many long hours to ensure the camps success, they are truly wonderful people. The EKKA Ireland Club Instructors were also very supportive of the camp and I would also like to extend my grateful appreciation to our many sponsors.

The dates for next year’s European Kenpo Camp in Ireland are the 27th to 29th April 2012

So get those dates into your calendar.

Respectfully yours,

Eddie Downey.