Denmark Report - June 2006

Claus PedersonClaus Pedersen the Chief Instructor and director of Kenpo in Denmark hosted Professor Ed Downey 7th┬áDegree Black Belt for a series of Kenpo seminars in the Holstebro Kenpo Karate Academy. The weekend events started off with an adult belt test at which students from across Denmark were examined in their knowledge of the Kenpo system. Mr. Pedersen’s students were well prepared for the test and showed a high degree of ability in their basics, forms, techniques and sparring. Professor Downey was very pleased with the quality of the Danish Kenpo students; they showed Great Spirit and commitment during the test and graduated with honours.

Professor Downey instructed four seminars over the weekend and covered various aspects of the Kenpo system, focusing on the advanced forms and techniques. Professor Downey commented on the excellent job that Claus Pedersen is doing developing Kenpo system in Denmark. As the Danish National Director of European Kenpo Karate Association, Mr. Pedersen is highly respected teacher and promoter. During the last twenty years Mr. Pedersen has proven himself to be an important figure in the World Kenpo Community and is the undisputed leader of Danish Kenpo.

Professor Downey hopes to make a return visit to Denmark in the near future and was delighted with the warm reception and friendship extended to him by the Danish E.K.K.A. members.