Masters Hall of Fame Awards 2009

5th August 2009

Three of Kenpo’s most respected masters were recently honoured at a ceremony in Long Beach, California, USA.

They were as follows;

The Masters Hall of Fame is a Martial Arts organization committed to Recognizing Excellence in the Martial Arts.¬†“This year’s event was one of the best events the Martial Arts Community has seen in a very long time”¬†said Hanshi Gregg Wooldridge Vice President of Alumni Relations. The theme of the event this year was Martial Artists in Uniform. The Guest Speakers were Don ‘THE DRAGON” Wilson who served in the Coast Guard and Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff who is a JKD Black Belt and a Retired Army Colonel. Sheriff Sniff attributes his success in uniform to the lessons he learned in the Karate Dojo. The Masters awards were held in conjunction with the Long Beach International Karate Championships