Report on The 2010 European Kenpo Camp

Due the shutdown of European airspace because of the volcanic ash from Iceland, we lost many of our headline Kenpo camp instructors. Thankfully when flights resumed on Wednesday 21st April, all flights into and out of Ireland landed and took off on time.

This allowed almost all of our European mainland visitors to make the camp.  

Flights from the USA were also back to normal on the 21st and two of our camp instructors from Los Angeles made it to Ireland without any difficulty.

Although we had to rearrange the camp instructor’s roster, the camp seminars were very well received, we had Irish, USA, Spanish and French teachers conduct seminars.

This year’s Camp was an outstanding success and I think it was our best ever camp.

The camp’s attendance was up considerably on last year’s camp, we had a total of 260 Kenpoists in the Mount Wolseley Hotel for the weekend. The advanced class on Saturday was amazing, we had 120 brown and black belts from ten countries at this seminar.

The feedback from the camp seminars was a 100% positive, everyone enjoyed the classes. 


2010 European Kenpo Camp Instructors:

Eddie Downey 7th Degree

Eduardo De La Torre 6th Degree

John Burgess 6th Degree

Julian McDermott 5th Degree

Steve Cooper 4th Degree

Luis Fernandez Perez 4th Degree

Marcelo Carvalho (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)                      

Darren Mahony 3rd Degree

Dave Byrne 3rd Degree

Antonio Jose Conejo 3rd Degree

Maxime Boucherb 3rd Degree

Grainne Hayden 2nd Degree

Antonia Mahony 2nd Degree

Eduardo de La Torre Benito 2nd Degree

Dave Mangan 2nd Degree

Jack Smith 2nd Degree

Mícheál Watters 2nd Degree

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to all my team who worked tirelessly to make the camp a success. All of our visitors have now returned home and their flights took off on time.

We certainly learned a lot about ourselves this year and managed to make a possible disaster into fantastic success.

Respectfully yours,

Eddie Downey.