Success for Celbridge in USA

Celbridge Kenpo Karate students did extremely well at the International Karate Championships that was held during the month of August 2003 in the US city of Boston.  Aisling Downey maintained a remarkable record at international championships by winning two first place awards in her brown belt forms and sparring divisions, having previously taken first places at European Championships in Sweden, England, Denmark, Jersey and Ireland.  

However fellow Celbridge student Grainne Hayden went one better in by taking a remarkable three first places in forms, sparring and weapons forms in the black belt divisions. Other Celbridge winners included Darren Mahony, Rachel Coyne, Thomas Hayden and Declan Lee all of whom did performed very well to taking third places in their respective black and brown belt forms and fighting divisions.

Celbridge juniors Oisin and Connor Staines also took home a third and fourth trophies and Michael Reidy gave a spirited performance but was unlucky not to win an award his fighting division.  

Overall the Celbridge team did extremely well considering that the club does not focus on competition, but instead focuses producing sincere martial artists with Good values and high skills.

Club instructor Edward Downey was very pleased with the results achieved by his students who represented Ireland with great distinction.  

After attending the championships in Boston the Celbridge team travelled to the State of Idaho in the Northwest of the USA to attend John Sepulveda’s A.K.T.S. Kenpo Camp at which Edward Downey was a special guest instructor. The camp was held near the Mountain town of Donnelly and the camp venue was situated close to a lake and participants were accommodated in log cabins.  

Camp instructors shared their knowledge and experience to an eager gathering of Kenpo students, camp participants came from all over the United States and the Irish Kenpo students received a great welcome.  

From Idaho the Celbridge team travelled down to Los Angeles and visited the famous Pasadena Kenpo studio where they had a workout with Grandmaster Frank Trejo 10th Degree Black Belt.

The Parker family kindly invited the Celbridge team to visit their home and Mrs Parker gave a tour of her home to the team. Ed Downey was very happy to revisit Ed Parkers home, a place that holds many fond memories of times spent with the late Kenpo Senior Grandmaster in Pasadena. 

Mr. Larry Kongaika was a very kind host to the Celbridge team during there visit to Padadena.