Tenth Anniversary Visit

Martina Downey Reports

The International Kenpo Karate Academy recently hosted senior Kenpo Professor John Sepulveda 8thdegree black belt at their national headquarters in Celbridge. Professor Sepulveda was visiting Ireland for his tenth year in succession and his popularity with Irish Kenpo students continues to grow. Professor Sepulveda teaching style is very clear and precise, and he affords equal attention and respect to all students regardless of their rank. This year’s tour began with classes in Celbridge that were attended by Kenpo students & Instructors from all over Ireland.

After his Celbridge classes Professor Sepulveda travelled to Enniscorthy in county Wexford for a senior adult grading, the testing board included: Edward Downey 6th degree, John Grierson 1st degree, Ramon Lerma 1stdegree, Mary Lerma 1st degree and black belts Kevin Hendrick and Paul Canavan. The adult test proved to be very successful and both Professor Sepulveda and Downey complimented Mr. Hendrick on his students standard and gave some coaching tips to continue their progress. The Enniscorthy Kenpo Academy is developing and maturing into a very strong and vibrant martial arts club. Uniquely among martial clubs Mr. Hendrick has managed to attract the same number of women to his classes as men keeping the gender balance in his club equally divided.

The following day in Enniscorthy nearly sixty juniors tested under the watchful eye of John Sepulveda and Edward Downey. A large group of parents then witnessed the graduation ceremony and another milestone was achieved for the Enniscorthy club. From Enniscorthy John Sepulveda returned to Celbridge where he gave another class, which was very well supported. He then travelled to Trim in County Meath where he conducted a junior and senior class for a local club instructor Mr. Sean Fox. The Meath students were very focused and enthusiastic and put a lot of effort into the class. At the end of the Trim seminars club instructor Sean Fox presented Professor Sepulveda with a picture of Trim Castle, where the film "Braveheart" was made. Professor Downey then presented Professor Sepulveda with a bronze statue to commemorate his tenth anniversary visit to Ireland on behalf all the Irish students and instructors.