World Kenpo Championships Spain 2009

3rd World Kenpo Championship & Seminars 2009
22nd to 24th May 2009
City of Guadalajara, Spain

World Kenpo Championships Seminars Instructors

The Kenpo World Championships Trophies

The organizing committee of the World Championships and Seminars.

Mr. Maxime Boucherb (France) with Professor Ed Downey and Master John Sepulveda.

Celbridge Kenpo Karate Academy - Irish Youth Team in Spain.

Patricia Downey 2nd Place Youths and Aisling Downey 3rd Place Ladies.

Rachel with Master Sepulveda after winning 2nd Place in Sparring.

The Irish, French and USA Teams in Spain.

 The Malaga Kenpo Team with Professor Ed Downey.

 Frankie 1st (Portugal) and Rachel 2nd (Ireland).